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KM Golf



Brief History

Actually, KM Companies are the combination of three companies and a Golf Resort which are jointly  performed their respective duties on trading, service and manufacturing responsibilities.

A. First one, KAUNG MYAT Co. Ltd., performing export, import and general trading business, was  incorporated since 1991 under the Commerce Ministry’s approval No-633/1990-91.

B. The second, KAUNG MYAT MANUFACTURING Co. Ltd., was founded in 2004 under National Planning and Economic Development Ministry’s approval No-688/2004-05, for its manufacturing purposes.

C. The third, KAUNG MYAT INTERNATIONAL Co. Ltd., is still processing to get the register from National Planning and Economic Development Ministry. For the Golf Resort, we contracted with Central Military Command as a Bot (Build, Operate and Transfer) basic since 1st, March, 2004. KAUNG MYAT Co. Ltd., has achieved ISO : 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management System in January 2010.

Preface by Company founder

Firstly, I would like to appreciate for the company’s ongoing business achievements, in the memorable and glorious events of deep excitement and rejoicing happiness, we’ve performed with our value customer's great support and our BODs (Board of Directors), Managers and staff, who have been contributing with their efforts since the commencement of the company to date.

Secondly, along with our journey up to reach the competent level of our environs, we have been giving emphasis always to be effectively eligible with economic objectives and policies as per our business descriptions and vision.

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